Advanced Materials

Development of new materials and their applications has always been the area of great interest for researchers; indicated by innumerable applications appearing in research journals every year. Advancement in characterization technologies has led to better understanding of material properties at nano-level, which has opened new horizons of applications of both metals and non-metals. Addition of nano-phase in polymers and polymer based composites has resulted in entirely a new range of hybrid materials with much improved properties and functionalities. Similar advancements are also visible in other fields of Materials' Research. The Advance Material Chapter of 16th IBCAST Conference will provide a forum for scientists and engineers to share their knowledge and ideas about materials, their properties, behavior, and uses.

The scope of the Advanced Materials Activity includes but not limited to following areas:

  • Polymers and Polymer Composites
  • Fiber Reinforced Composites (FRPs)
  • Nano-materials and Nanotechnology
  • Advanced Alloys, Powder Metallurgy and Metal-Metal Composites (MMC)
  • Coating & Surface Technology
  • Energy Materials
  • Peizoceramics & Peizocomposites
  • Materials for Electromagnetic Radiation Protection
  • Photonic, Optical and Semiconductor Materials