Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical sciences module of IBCAST conference is focused on advancements in the field of research and development for the infectious diseases. The world is now facing recurrent emergence of infectious diseases. The factors contributing for the emergence / reemergence, transfer and spread of infectious agents are now a major concern to be addressed. In addition, advancements made towards their detection and countermeasures to control these agents are required to be aligned in order to better develop a strategy against them. We invite experts, professionals and researchers from the scientific community to bridge up the gap and share their knowledge and research made under the following themes:

“Emergence & Re Emergence of Infectious Diseases”

  • Factors contributing to emergence / re emergence of infectious diseases
  • Zoonotic & vector borne emerging infectious diseases
  • Drug resistance in microbes
  • Advancement in detection technologies for emerging infectious diseases
  • Countermeasures to combat with emerging infectious diseases