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IBCAST This conference is being held consecutively since 2002 Islamabad, Pakistan. Ten technological areas namely; Advanced Materials, Aerostructures, Artificial Intelligence and Software Technologies Biosciences, Control & Signal Processing, Cyber Security, Fluid Dynamics, Medical Sciences, Underwater Technologies and Wireless Communication & Radar are covered simultaneously. Recently, a new technological area namely; Artificial Intelligence and Software Technologies is being introduced from 18th IBCAST 2021 onwards.

So far, more than 13618 scientists and engineers have participated from Pakistani and foreign universities as well as scientific organizations with around 3087 research papers having been presented. The proceedings of the conference are published and catalogued in renowned international journals on yearly basis including IEEE Xplore. Until now 18 conferences have been successfully organized by the CESAT, Islamabad, which is a setup of Centers of Excellence in Science and Applied Technologies of the country with the research activities being in-line with the conference theme.

*Note: Papers presented in Medical Sciences track will not be published in IEEE Xplore Ditital Library

Dates to Remember 2022

Abstract Submission 15th Jan 2022
Full Length Paper Submission 15th April 2022
30th April 2022
Paper Acceptance Notification 01st Jun 2022 onwards
Participation Application 01st Jun 2022 onwards
(Application Deadline)
15th Jun 2022
(Selected Participants)
25th Jun 2022
Registration Fee Payment
(All Categories)
10th Jul 2022
Confirmation of Participation
20th Jul 2022 onwards